Overpowered Factions!

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Server Info
Server Address: op-factions.com:25565
Server MOTD: [\'us.op-hub.com | eu.op-hub.com - JOIN NOW!!! REVOLUTION RECAP - WWW.OP-HUB.ORG/R\']
Server Status: Online
Last Poll: May 27, 2015, 3:21 pm UTC
Server Uptime: 69.0%
Players: 31/750
Server Country: United States United States
Server Version: [BungeeCord 1.8]
Server Website: http://op-factions.org
Registered Since: October 13, 2013, 4:58 pm UTC
Total Votes: 0
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What is op-factions.com? We are a community of friendly and competitive gamers. On Overpowered Factions you will be in constant action. We provide an ultimate factions experience from out custom plugins, great staff, and growing player base! Not only does voting help the server it gives you rewards! You can receive insane rewards for voting such as items, money, and more!

Vote: /vote
Voting rewards: /rewards

Server IP: op-factions.com

Core plugins:
Obby/Bedrock destroyer
Custom /crates plugin
Fully virtual /shop

Email: support@op-factions.org
Donate: donate.op-factions.com