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Server Address: peppermint.pw:25565
Server MOTD: [\'\']
Server Status: Online
Last Poll: March 29, 2017, 4:59 am MDT
Server Uptime: 85.6%
Players: 0/66
Server Country: United States United States
Server Version: [1.7.10]
Server Website: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/neopo
Registered Since: December 18, 2016, 8:27 am MST
Total Votes: 0

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Peppermint is a modpack designed within the bounds of what I believe to be "vanilla" minecraft. Mostly every mod installed is something that would not be so far-fetched to add to the original game. This is why the pack is named Peppermint, to pay homage to this "Vanilla" nature. Botania, Improving Minecraft, Missing Pieces and Quark are the frontrunners of the pack and as such are the primary content providers for the modpack. Notable mentions are Roguelike Dungeons, Chisels & Bits, and Bloodmoon.

The modpack is configured to encourage exploration. Roguelike dungeons are noticeably harder to find, on par with other rare structures in the game. You can also encounter massive BattleTowers that you can traverse and conquer. Hardcore Wither is installed, which makes each consecutive wither battle more difficult but also offers end-game options for tools. There is a variety of atmospheric(and dangerous) mobs to encounter. Horse armour and saddles are craftable. IronBackpacks and IronChests are both installed to improve storage options. Redstone paste to put wires on your ceiling. The list of features would be a long one.

The Peppermint server is a Sponge server fully equipped to host those who wish to play this modpack together. Some plugins are installed to improve QoL but you can expect a mostly vanilla experience, as far as servers go. The server is complimentary, courtesy of myself. However, those who wish to support will be rewarded with cosmetics and goodies to show off how awesome they are. As things get running an gradually build momentum, you can expect events and other fun stuff on the server on a regular basis!

I made this modpack because all that is seen in the community these days is complication. Too much effort is spent making minecraft something that it is not. I chose mods that avoid complicating the game, while still providing fair entertainment for the veterans and simultaneously a ceiling low enough to reach for new modded players alike. I sincerely hope you will join me on Peppermint for some SWEET memories!

Mod List(Excluding Library and Required Mods):

* ArchWoods
* ArmorPlus
* AquaCulture
* BattleTowers
* Literal Ascension
* Bloodmoon
* Botania
* Chisels&Bits
* Drawers&Bits
* Enchanting Plus
* Ender Zoo
* ExtraRails
* FastLeafDecay
* Gravestones
* HardcoreWither
* IronBackpacks
* IronChests
* Journeymap
* JustEnoughResources
* Localized Weather
* MissingPieces
* MmmMmmMmmMmm
* MobDismemberment
* Mo' Bends
* More Furnaces
* Mowzies' Mobs
* Natura
* Nether Core
* Nether Metals
* Quark
* Realistic Torches
* Recall Stones
* RedstonePaste
* RoguelikeDungeons
* Sophisticated Wolves
* Special AI
* StorageDrawers
* Substratum
* Tinkers Construct
* Totemic
* TreeChopper
* Waila
* WolfArmor