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Featured serverplay.mcassassins.com
*1.11.2* MCAssassins Factions/PvP PvE SMP Server *1.11.2*

Version 1.11.2BukkitSurvivalPVEPVPFactions
IP: play.mcassassins.com
Users Online: 0/150

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Server Info

Server Address: mc.pilotdan1985.com:25565
Server MOTD: [\'mc.pilotdan1985.com\n1.11 - Epic - Reliable - Awesome!\']
Server Status: Online
Last Poll: March 27, 2017, 6:34 am MDT
Server Uptime: 99.9%
Players: 2/100
Server Country: United States United States
Server Version: [1.11.2]
Server Website: http://www.pilotdan1985.enjin.com
Registered Since: March 5, 2014, 2:52 pm MST
Total Votes: 19

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Server Preview


5 year old friendly community running on BRAND NEW server hardware as of November 2016! PVP Survival server with lots of plugins to find griefers, and prevent theft. We have a nice LOTTERY system as well as player ran shops, and a custom coded menu system. We also have precious stones, and three different maps. Nice ranking system makes you work for your status and be proud of your accomplishments.

The server is privately owned and hosted by 1 person which means no expensive hosting bills. Yet, we run top of the line hardware with dual cpus 4 hard drives, battery backup system, and 72gb of ram!

Buycraft, TreeAssist, dynmap, ExpBank, mcMMO, LWC, Tombstone, DisguiseCraft, ChestShop, and many more!

updated 11-19-16